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Pandora for iphone will be a huge hit i stay amazed at how pervasive pandora is among casual music listeners.The iphone’s launch could be a huge hit.

By shiny rosoff

July 14, 2008 10:35 are PDT

I’ve referred to it before, but i continue being amazed at all the buzz about pandora’s online radio service, which creates playlists in order to your musical tastes.About once per month, someone comes up to me and asks me if i’m in tune with it, and don’t i really adore it?

These fans look like they are casual music listeners in their thirties, experienced in computers and personal technology but not obsessed with it.Some may have an

Ipod inside your house, but have grown tired of their own individual music collection or haven’t gotten around to connecting it to their

N automobile stereo.They’re old enough in order to a time when music radio didn’t suck, and would listen to more of it if they’re able to find a station they liked.They’re surprised how well pandora fits their musical tastes, and wish they had a way to listen to it from the computer.For reasons uknown, pandora has hit a nerve with my demographic, just like myspace did with teens and twentysomethings about two years back.

For instance, pandora’s perfectly poised for a big core bump.And the iphone type, secure here by cnet’s donald bell, is the catalyst.

Once the early adopters have gotten with queue, i think the iphone appeal mostly to this same audience.Thirtysomething experts who are interested in but not obsessed with technology will find the iphone to be the first phone that actually lets them do things they want to do without requiring a certified geek to show them how. (Scenario:Snapping a decent quality photo and e mailing it from the product.Doing that from my verizon enabled razr is difficult, and really memorable gift suck.My next-Doors did it from his new iphone in five seconds. )

Pandora on the iphone is of interest, user-Friendly, and offers an obvious tangible benefit great music free of charge.A plus point, if you are able to own a song, you can purchase it from

Pandora is already around for selected other phones, but there it costs a few bucks per month after a risk free.Simply, none of those other phones have the hard drive brand name appeal of the iphone.The only real question for you is the money once pandora on the iphone takes off, how will pandora make money using it?I’m hoping they don’t ruin the appeal of the service with overly intrusive promoting and online promoting and marketing.He is a member of the cnet community.Disclosure.

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