Cheap Pandora Charms Okay the people from that

Pandora legitimate

Cheap Pandora Charms Okay the people from that movie were very one sizing. (I am not researching the move.I dear it. )Anyway i don really think that current debts take the resources will be a easy one.Certain people will Pandora Bracelets UK combat it.But what you have to seem to comprehend is the people from pandora, when we first meet them shall be aliens.And in teams, humans can be vicious toward nevertheless different.So yeah i know the resource thing happening.Of course the justification that the people who take the resources will give changes than that military guy.They might irritate the natives until the natives react with hostility.For you to, then deal with call for war.And since pandora and earth are so far away.The scientists/activists would sadly have no say cause well they would lack the support of men and women seeing that pandora is light years away from earth.

We would tick off the true owners of our planet and end up in an intergalactic war.Much of the species on pandora bear obvious marks of genetic alterations.I suspect that the navi or what you were called were put there to eventually serve as a labor force.All the creatures had a fiber optic style link to connect amongst eachother and”Ewah”Or what you were calling their god/goddess.There are significant clues throughout the movies.In the beginning when the protagonist gets a briefing on the natives there skeletal structures are mentioned and it contains materials that exist on earth only as a result of manufacture.Not some thing doesn exist on earth, in which nature does not produce.Later the researchers says that all the trees are linked which sounds to me like a massive fiber optic network existing among the trees(A giant inbreed internet).While several types of plant on earth are linked by connecting roots they don all share one massive brain.Since the whole planets ecosystem seems to either have been altered or planted there by a third party i suspect that it hadn’t been coincidence that the trees were growing over unobtainium and that the true purpose of those trees is to collect the mineral either out of minor traces in the air or through its roots and secrete or otherwise deposit the mineral beneath the tree.In the event the true masters of pandora arrive to claim the unobtainium i suspect that a code(Similar to a pc virus)Would go out making the navi leave their tree upon which said tree having it own pre programmed response to said code would wilt or you cannot die and then the natives would end up harvesting said mineral for their controllers.

I think that the navi are a constructed species and that those that built them would be masters of the life sciences and genetic tricks.War with such a group would not go well for mankind as we seem to fight more with direct violence while they would likely release untold plagues instead.

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